Hello and a warm welcome to Charity page :)

 NHS charity Art Fans!

Where 50% of sale price will go direct to NHS Charity!

Like many, I've been thinking of ways to keep myself busy and earning by doing what I am best at, isolating and making things  ;) but also taking action to make a difference somehow?

Maybe, like many not on the front line, I was feeling pretty useless....painting in my flat, still waiting to hear back from Good Sam...eating, painting, walking, eating.. :(  I thought I should make some art and some  fans that can spread the word about supporting our NHS as the crisis accelerates,  in a fun and frivolous way but for a deadly serious purpose? 

Your No1 Fan will....give a bit of colour and sparkle back to you, help you to keep your cool, makes a perfect gift, a memoir, is still and always utterly unique and best still..... will make that candle in the dark glow a little brighter here in the UK. Carry it with you, leave on the dashboard, take it to work, gift it to a friend, put in your window, hang on the wall, put on a easel...keep it forever.

These NHS fans are made in a larger silk and wood fan which is intended more for home decor display than use and my usual smaller fabric hand held fans. 

After your order, the 50% of sale money is paid direct to the charity East Sussex Healthcare NHS Charitable Fund via this page (see below) so you can keep track of how we are doing :)

All smaller fans will be tasseled and come with a white organza pouch. They will be gift wrapped and boxed with a COVID-19 NHS message of thanks! You will receive your fan within 2 weeks from order, depending on postal efficiency.

I am hoping to raise at least £1000  for my chosen charity by making and I would like to be so very very busy making so very very many that I have nowhere to sit in my room....oh, and I can pay my bills and eat :)

About my chosen charity: 

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Charitable Fund exists to support all the healthcare workers of the East Sussex NHS Trust which includes Eastbourne District General Hospital, The Conquest Hospital Hastings, Bexhill Community Hospital, The Rye and Winchelsea Memorial Hospital as well as many healthcare workers based out in the community.

ww.esht.nhs.uk › about-the-trust › get-involved › donations


About the making of these fans :

A lovely blue painted base with a layer of finest glitter that sparkles in light. Metallic silver accents on the leaf , front guard and staves that twinkle prettily.

The white NHS stands upon a metallic sheen blue surrounded by pale blue and metallic silver. I have placed this fan with a red tassel but you can choose a from red, deep blue or white if you prefer. Comes with a white wrist lanyard and slim white organza pouch. Gift wrapped and boxed with free UK shipping.

The painting is made directly onto a blank fan which is made of fabric and plastic or silk and wood which is primed and then painted  both on the front and back. Then they are lacquered for further protection. 

When receiving a fan please open it gently upon arrival and leave open for a wee while to rid any lingering process smells and to generally let the fan breath. Clean with a damp cloth and avoid rough handling, leaving in high temperatures and exposing to water....treat it as a usable art object and it will last you well. 

Anything else I can help you with, get in touch :)


Stay safe and Sound,,