This is now a made to order fans that will be ready to dispatch within 7 10 days. This allows for making and full drying time for your fan.


Baby Batty


I had fun making this design and  painting with it's unusual shape and peephole cutouts. A semi transparent black ( see image) that is decorated with metallic silver around the cut out shapes. The staves are revealed like wing struts on the front and back. The front guard is also decorated in silver and black. 

Complimented with a tassel and small bat wing charm on the fan and the matching pouch either in pink, black or silver grey?

I can include a card with a personal message upon request. Your fan will always be elegantly gift  wrapped and boxed too at no extra charge. 


The painting is made directly onto a blank fan which is made of Fabric and plastic. Then they are lacquered for further protection. I have used this particular fan for its lovely sturdy feel it's durability and high use potential as well as having the closest surface texture to canvas for my paintings. When receiving a fan please open it gently upon arrival and leave open for a wee while to rid any lingering process smells and to generally let the fan breath.


Clean with a damp cloth and avoid rough handling, leaving in high temperatures and exposing to water....treat it as a usable art object and it will last you well. 

Anything else I can help you with, get in touch :)


All the very best,


Sand :)


Basic Fan Measurements, some fans may vary a little.
Open : H 9" 23 cms  W 17" 43 cms D 1" 2.5 cms
Folded : H 9" 23 cms W 1" 2.5cms D 1" 2.5 cms


  • .....because you can get creative with me and add, change or remove whatever you like as long as it's the same basic design.

    Need a different colour pallete?

    Different style fan?

    Make it yours, make it unique?

    Depending on your requests, allow 7-10 days for your fans dispatch, this allows for maximum drying time.

    Any Q's?

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