This design is  entirely hand drawn and painted. A little piece of original art, always at hand!


I made this fan in tandem with a smaller art fan (last image) as i was curious to see how they compared. the smaller version is also available to order.  I am happy how it came out, especially the gold on the staves and the tree and the 3 metallic and iridescent dragon flies that catch the light with .


Following my customers brief I created a Gustav Klimt Art Nouveau inspired design with a monogram Initial on the back. This fan zings with glittery and iridescent greens, blues, golds, silvers, like a sparkling pond on a bright day :)  Each Gustav Klimt spiral on the tree is accented with a bright gold which runs upwards through leaf complimented by the wooden staves below. The intricate detail on the dragonflies sparkle and glitter in different light as does the front guard.


There are two versions shown here but you will get the idea?


A latest Review on this fan:

"Wow, what an experience. I sent Sand a note for a custom fan. Immediately she emailed back with questions on design, color, feeling... we communicated via email a few times and I could instantly tell she just 'got it'. Her excitement was for the project and not for a sale, it was wonderful. She went above and beyond with communication and shipping and really the process was a pure pleasure. What a fabulous birthday gift for my wife, she appreciates it, she loves it, and we are ever grateful of Sand's work. Thank you, thank you." Bill a US  Customer


I can customise the design to a different colour palette or creatures! Please get in touch with any questions or ideas for your fan, it would be great to get creating with you.


THIS IS A MADE TO ORDER FAN..., please read more details below.


As this fan, like my other wall art fans are made to order, I allow between 2 - 3 weeks to complete your fan which allows for the required drying time necessary for your fan. A fans completion will also depend on the complexity of the painting you desire.  If your fan is intended for a gift or occasion approaching soon, get in touch and I'll see how long your fan will take?


​Be assured that even when ordering a made to order fan..... you're fan will be entirely from scratch and still unique.


Approximate size when opened: H 27 cms / 11 inches W 50 cms / 18 Inches D 3.5 cms / 1 1/2 inch


This is WALL ART FAN intended for display and depending on the fan design, very occasional use. 
Although they may be used, with care, I have made them for display or special occasion purpose. they are intended as a calligraphy sTyle fan to be kept open, and they are a  little harder to open and close, the  size may prove too large for some hands :). This size and style of fan is often advertised as a 'Mans' fan. Repeated opening and closing may damage the design surface. 


​These fans are being bought either as movable wall decorations or costume props or as deep framed in situ for extra protection. I recommend this treatment for the art objects that they are when not in use.

This is an original artwork fan so when you consider what you may pay for an original artwork similar to this....this fan is a must have for any collector who can see it's  value in the creative idea and  the work that has gone into it's making. Add to this...that it can also be useful... and it's a win all round.


All my Wall Art fans will come with a letter of authenticity  which will be numbered and dated along with the fans individual name. This makes them a  collectible art object by a Royal Academy Artist with provenance.

If you have special request or an idea for a special occasion, get in touch and we'll talk about what you need? Please note that if you are ordering a custom fan, it will take longer than buying an available one. Allow up to 3 weeeks for your fans dispatch, longer for a multiple order. I will always do my best to get your fan to you on time.


You're No.1 Hand Fan is sent  gift wrapped and  flat packed depending on design. Worldwide traceable shipping, fast and secure.


  • Depending on the reasons, I sometimes accept exchanges but not refunds on my fans ( except if faulty or damaged in transit, proof required) as long as they are dispatched  and sent tracked, to me within 3 days of reciept.


    I do not exchange custom orders.