Fire Bug


This is a made to order fan in a similar design, please allow up to 10 days for dispatch. I have made few different versions of this fan and the last is showing here.


Collage images from my sculpture 'Fire Bug' and drawing with acrylic paint and inks with black painted base and back.


Comes with a heavy tassel and small Fire Bug charm


Still utterly unique but larger and made of two sided silk and wood. These are sturdy double sided calligraphy fans with a lovely silken surface.


More  art object/collectible/statement piece than fashion accessory  and made of two sided silk and wood, this is a sturdy double sided calligraphy fans with a lovely silken surface. These fans are being bought either as movable wall decorations or costume props or as deep framed in situ for extra protection.


This fan closes fully but owing to the surface collage, the fan is not intended to be closed repeatidly and will be damaged in an attempt to do so. 


When you consider what you may pay for an original artwork similar to this....this fan is a must have for any collector who can see it's fabulous value in the creative idea and  the work that has gone into it's making. Add to this...that it can also be useful... and it's a win all round.


Also, as an art object made by a known Royal Academy of London Artist, it also has provenance, meaning it is informed by my previous art and come from a body of work. This means it will increase in value over time! 

In making these fans, I have dawn into and on the surface of the fan and used collage. the collage parts are always a part of my previous art, from my sculpture, painting or drawing.  I like the idea of incorporating my past work into a totally different thing.


I also show an image and the medium and name of the original work in it's original form and along with the fan. Some original works may be available, please inquire. If you would like to know more and to see  the work that inspired these fans please visit my artist website at

​Be assured that even when ordering a custom from one of the sold fans..... you're fan will be entirely from scratch and still unique. Please allow extra time when custom ordering.


All fans will come with a letter of authenticity (sent separately by email) which will be numbered and dated along with the fans individual name. 


If you have special request or an idea for a special occasion, get in touch and we'll talk about what you need? Please note that if you are ordering a custom fan, it will take longer than buying an available one. Allow up to 14 days for your fans dispatch, longer for a multiple order. I will always do my best to get your fan to you on time.


You're No1Fan Art Fan is sent  gift wrapped  in a soft fabric pouch and sent in a reinforced box. It will be tracked and a signature will be required.

Fire Bug

  • You will be sent images of your completed fan for approval prior to posting.

    Your fan will always be elegantly gift wrapped and boxed at no extra charge. You're No 1 Hand Fan is sent FREE priority shipping, world wide. It will be tracked and require a signature. Please see shipping information for estimated delivery times.

    I can also make you a custom order fan like this in any palette you choose. You can specify your particular wishes via the info section.