Golden Azure

A real eye popping  bright azure blue contrasts and pops against tones of glittering and metallic golds and copper that drip luxuriously from the top and over the front guard. The blue is truly such a deep deep azure that it vibrates like a high summer sky. The staves are a pattern of gold  and a deeper tone blue. The back is a shimmering iridescent copper. 


This fan is one of a series in different colour combinations. The ultramarine and silver version was chosen as one of my fans to appear in the photo shoot in Mayfair for The House of Garrard. I made a number of fans for them and was proud to be included in the Fanfare Symphony  launch of their exquisite fan shaped jewellery. I have included an image of this fan.


The House of Garrard is the longest serving jeweller in the world. Its origins can be traced back to 1735 about the same time as the Royal Academy of Art and it's attached School opened around the corner from them in Mayfair. 


These fans are made to  make statement! Great as an an eye catching and useful accessory or an original keepsake gift  for a special someone and/or occasion? you can see my other variations on this theme at my wesite in my made to order collection 


I can include a card with a personal message upon request. Your fan will always be elegantly gift wrapped and boxed too at no extra charge. You're No 1 Hand Fan is sent priority shipping, world wide. It will be tracked and require a signature. Please see shipping information for estimated delivery times and costs.


The painting is made directly onto a blank fan which is made of Fabric and plastic. Then they are lacquered for further protection. I have used this particular fan for its lovely sturdy feel it's durability and high use potential as well as having the closest surface texture to canvas for my paintings.


Clean with a damp cloth and avoid rough handling, leaving in high temperatures and exposing to water....treat it as a usable art object and it will last you well.


Anything else I can help you with, get in touch


Basic Fan Measurements, some fans may vary a little.

Open : H 9" 23 cms W 17" 43 cms D 1" 2.5 cms

Folded : H 9" 23 cms W 1" 2.5cms D 1" 2.5 cms


All the very best,

Sand :)


Gold Lapis

  • Some care instructions....Your fan is pretty hardy but as a hand painted object, it needs to be loved and cared for. When it arrives, open slowly and carefully especially if your fan has had a long overseas journey.

    Keep away from excessive water or direct excessive heat and anyone that wants to play with it roughly or with sticky fingers, I find a quick fan clip round the ear does the trick!

    Your fan has been sealed and lacquered for its protection and can be cleaned gently with a soft damp cloth, do not rub vigorously as this may damage the painted surface of your fan.