' Salsa'


Slightly smaller and lighter than my usual Art fans....this slender, elegant and compact fan of super slim bamboo staves and silk leaf is hand painted on both sides. It feels super light in the hand and comes with a custom pouch. I think a pale blue or gold would be a good match but you can choose. Tassels and charms picked to compliment the fan. Alsocomes with a handy wrist lanyard. See measurements below.


The front of this fan is painted in an emerald green and dark red with a subtle glitter coating which sparkles in the light. Staves are gold with iridescent blue. front guard is a glittering gold.


The back of this fan is a  simpler spray effect with muted emerald green speckled with copper and gold with gold staves and guard.


You're No1Fan is sent gift wrapped, boxed and priority shipping world wide. Free shipping internationally if buying any two fans. Your fan will be tracked and require a signature. 


Any questions, please ask!

Fans measurements:

Open:    Width 16 inches / 41cms apx
               Height 9 inches / 22cms
               Depth  Under half an inch /8mm

Closed: Height 9 inches / 22cms
               Width   1 and a half inches / 3.5cms
               Depth   Under half an inch /8mm


  • Some care instructions....Your fan is pretty hardy but as a hand painted object, it needs to be loved and cared for. When it arrives, open slowly and carefully especially if your fan has had a long overseas journey.

    Keep away from excessive water or direct excessive heat and anyone that wants to play with it roughly or with sticky fingers, I find a quick fan clip round the ear does the trick!

    Your fan has been sealed and lacquered for its protection and can be cleaned gently with a soft damp cloth, do not rub vigorously as this may damage the painted surface of your fan.