First I primed and painted the fan with the very darkest midnight blue both front and back. I the applied the acrylic antique gold strip along the top and then marked the bands out with metallic gold  accents giving a burnished, renaissance effect to the gold. I carried on with the dark metallic gold through onto the staves were I applied a hammered effect to the tops of the staves making them appear more solid and sumptuous. 


I then created a shifting optical pattern between the lower and upper part of the fan. This effect is quite hard to capture in image but I hope you can see the effect somewhat in the images shown. The metallic golds create a soft sheen and bright gleam to this fan in different lighting and the glossy midnight blue creates a lush fan that would be perfect for any special day or person!

The back is simply decorated in a similar design as shown.


I have placed this fan with a black customised pouch and a twinkling metallic gold  tassel but it would also work well with a dark blue, black or soft gold?. I will choose pouch, tassels and charm unless you have a particular choice and then I shall try to oblige. I will also provide a very handy wrist lanyard for easy carry.




'My utterly GORGEOUS fan has just arrived at my new Cottage By The Sea (on the Oregon USA coast).

It is even more beautiful than I expected.

Once it is set in its special spot of honor, I will send you a photograph.

Thank you so very much for your vision, artistry and care... at every step of this process.

What a pleasure!!!

What class!!!

Judi. US


 I can include a card with a personal message upon request. Your fan will always be elegantly gift  wrapped and boxed at no extra charge. You're No 1 Hand Fan is sent  priority shipping, world wide. It will be tracked and require a signature. Please see shipping information for estimated delivery times and costs.


The painting is made directly onto a blank fan which is made of fabric and plastic which is primed and then painted  both on the front and back. Then they are lacquered for further protection. I have used this particular fan for its lovely sturdy feel it's durability and high use potential as well as having the closest surface texture to canvas for my paintings. 


When receiving a fan please open it gently upon arrival and leave open for a wee while to rid any lingering process smells and to generally let the fan breath. Clean with a damp cloth and avoid rough handling, leaving in high temperatures and exposing to water....treat it as a usable art object and it will last you well. 


If you are looking for a way to display your fan when not in use? 


For a rustic look you can find small easels at craft stores that you can paint to match your fan as I have done for many of my photographs.  


Some clients display their fans in deep frames, either open, for easy access or closed keeping the fan as an art object.



Or you can find generic hand fan stands here: 


Anything else I can help you with, get in touch :)


Basic Fan Measurements, some fans may vary a little.

Open : H 9" 23 cms  W 17" 43 cms D 1" 2.5 cms
Folded : H 9" 23 cms W 1" 2.5cms D 1" 2.5 cms




£100.00 Regular Price
£60.00Sale Price
  • Some care instructions....Your fan is pretty hardy but as a hand painted object, it needs to be loved and cared for. When it arrives, open slowly and carefully especially if your fan has had a long overseas journey.

    Keep away from excessive water or direct excessive heat and anyone that wants to play with it roughly or with sticky fingers, I find a quick fan clip round the ear does the trick!

    Your fan has been sealed and lacquered for its protection and can be cleaned gently with a soft damp cloth, do not rub vigorously as this may damage the painted surface of your fan.

  • Re International posting: I always send my fans out by deadline via Priority Royal Mail but delivery time may vary upon destination. Unforeseen mishaps and postage efficiency in destination country which are beyond my control may effect your delivery so please order in good time for your fan to arrive by your deadline.