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Starting from the base of the leaf I painted alternate copper and gold stripes in different tones with a sand coloured  band running across patterned with metallic gold dotting and a champagne glitter which twinkles in changing light. This strip contrasts well with the overall mat 'sandy' look of the rest of the fan. The front guard carries the design across and the staves are a burnished deep copper effect speckled with gold and accented on the top with dull gold tips.


The back of the fan is finished in the same colours but simplified and with a rougher sandy look.


Comes with a lovely customised Ivory and gold  silk pouch with tassel and a fan shaped charm with a blue stone setting. Also comes with a wrist lanyard for easy carry and use. 

Ideal for holiday evenings or a  less usual bridal and/or wedding accessory, made to last and replace a corsage?


I can include a card with a personal message upon request. Your fan will always be elegantly gift wrapped and boxed too at no extra charge. You're No 1 Hand Fan is sent priority shipping, world wide. It will be tracked and require a signature. Please see shipping information for estimated delivery times and costs.


The painting is made directly onto a blank fan which is made of Fabric and plastic. Then they are lacquered for further protection. I have used this particular fan for its lovely sturdy feel it's durability and high use potential as well as having the closest surface texture to canvas for my paintings.


When receiving a fan please open it gently upon arrival and leave open for a wee while to rid any lingering process smells and to generally let the fan breath. Clean with a damp cloth and avoid rough handling, leaving in high temperatures and exposing to water....treat it as a usable art object and it will last you well.


If you are looking for a way to display your fan when not in use? For a rustic look you can find small easels at craft stores that you can paint to match your fan as I have done for many of my photographs.


Some clients display their fans in deep frames, either open, for easy access or closed keeping the fan as an art object.A super easy way to show your fan on a wall is to put up two wall protrusions, make sure they are soft finish or padded (not bare nails or screws) and rest bottom of the leaf of the fan on the points, so the fan spans open.


Place the points about 5 inches / 12.6cms apart. Many of my images show fans displayed like this too.Or you can find generic hand fan stands here:


Anything else I can help you with, get in touch


Basic Fan Measurements, some fans may vary a little.

Open : H 9" 23 cms W 17" 43 cms D 1" 2.5 cms

Folded : H 9" 23 cms W 1" 2.5cms D 1" 2.5 cms


All the very best,

Sand :)