'Ta Da!'

Bling Bling.......


Wouldn't this make a wonderful unique and memorable gift for a bride or bridesmaids?

As well as a totally glam evening fan or shameless beach accessory.


Remember....all my fans can be customised to your desire!


Lovely light fan but with a pleasant weight from the decorated front. Elegant and stylish with a  glittery pan-ash that sparkles in different lighting. Let me know and I can custom for you with different colour gems etc. Beautiful rose gold back.


I have left the slight embossing from the original fan as it shows butterflies and flowers in slight relief that only shows in particular lighting. I can cover this if preferred.


The fan does not fold completely because of the decorations but can collapse prettily with the wrist lanyard and beautiful gold tassel as shown. The fan also has a beautiful organza pouch for protection and for holding.


This is an ideal fan to maybe place in a box frame and display as wall art or a memento from an occasion?


 ​Even when ordering a custom from one of the fans shown you're fan will be entirely from scratch, utterly unique.


The images you see show a front and rear view and I usually include a few in situ shots and a fan being used.


The designs  are made directly onto a painted blank fan which is made of silk and wood. They are lacquered for further protection.  


If you have special request or an idea for a special occasion, get in touch and we'll talk about what you need? Please note that if you are ordering a custom fan, it will take longer than buying an available one. Allow up to 7 days for your fan dispatch, longer for a multiple order. I will always do my best to get your fan to you on time.


Any questions? Please ask :)

Ta Da!