This larger 33cms wall art fan was made for a client in california and was following her brief for the Company Logo and ethics. This exact design cannot be copied but I have shown it as an example of a design that we can adapt for you.


This is a wholly hand painted fan with no collage invloved.


Please note that this fan will close fully quite happily  but that it was primarily made for display or special occasion purpose. Intended as a calligraphy style fan to be kept open upon the lap for ceremonial occasions they are a  little harder to open and close and often this style and size of fan is often advertised as a 'Mans' fan. Repeated opening and closing may also damage the design surface. 


​These fans are being bought either as movable wall decorations, costume props, weddings corsages or kept as an art object in a  deep frame  or rested simply on a small easle or hand fan stand.

This is an original artwork fan, when you consider what you may pay for an original artwork similar to this....this fan is a must have for any collector from an artist with rovenance who can see it's  value in the creative idea and  the work that has gone into it's making. Add to this...that it can also be useful... and it's a win all round :)


Approximate size when opened:

H 27 cms / 11 inches W 50 cms /

H 18 Inches D 3.5 cms / 1 1/2 inch


Looking for a different colour palette? I can customise the design as you desire, please get in touch to discuss any additional costs. It would be great to get creating with you.


If you have special request or an idea for a special occasion, get in touch and we'll talk about what you need? Please note that if you are ordering a custom fan, it will take longer than buying an available one. Allow up to 2 weeks for your fans dispatch, longer for a multiple order. I will always do my best to get your fan to you on time.


You're No.1 Hand Fan is sent  gift wrapped and boxed flat packed or folded depending on design. Worldwide traceable shipping, fast and secure.

  • Return policy

    Depending on the reasons, I sometimes accept exchanges but not refunds on my fans ( except if faulty or damaged in transit, proof required) as long as they are dispatched  and sent tracked, to me within 3 days of reciept.


    I do not exchange custom orders.



  • Gifting a Fan?

    Is your fan a gift? I can include a card with your fan. Please let me know if you have a specific personal message that you would like included with your fan.

  • Caring for your No.1 Hand Fan

    Some care instructions....Your fan is pretty hardy but as a hand painted object, it needs to be loved and cared for. When it arrives, open slowly and carefully especially if your fan has had a long overseas journey.

    Keep away from excessive water or direct excessive heat and anyone that wants to play with it roughly or with sticky fingers, I find a quick fan clip round the ear does the trick!

    Your fan has been sealed and lacquered for its protection and can be cleaned gently with a soft damp cloth, do not rub vigorously as this may damage the painted surface of your fan.

  • Delivery info.

    Re International posting: I always send my fans out by deadline via Priority Royal Mail but delivery time may vary upon destination. Unforeseen mishaps and postage efficiency in destination country which are beyond my control may effect your delivery so please order in good time for your fan to arrive by your deadline.

  • Returns info.

    Unless proved to  be faulty, fans are non returnable. Please get in touch if you would like to exchange a fan.

    I will always refund on a fan that is damaged upon arrival.

    This is conditional on:

    The fan must be posted back unused within 48 hours with all original packing etc. 

    For insurance purposes I will need clear images of the damage to the fan and/or packaging taken upon opening the package.

    A refund will be void if any attempt is made to repair said damage or if it is apparent that the fan has been damaged post arrival or has been tampered with in any way.

    I reserve the right to cancel any order.